We look for

  • Customer Priority

    A person who understands that problem solving, value judgment, and decision making must all be customer oriented, which is the top priority under all circumstances.

  • Passion

    A person who can lead the business with enthusiasm and fulfill a given task responsibly, acknowledging that interest and commitment to work determine the performance of the work.

  • Communication

    A person who has strong communication skills to coordinate work, collaborate with, and resolve conflicts with various related departments.

  • Creativity

    A person who is willing to adopt innovation and seek changes for greater value creation and efficiency, without being bound by conventional practices.

Promotion System

  • Staff
  • Senior Staff
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Deputy General Manager
  • General Manager

Personnel Assessment

  • 01 Quantitative Evaluation

    Performance, Carried-out projects

  • 02 Qualitative Evaluation

    Cross-evaluation, Business performance ability enhancement, Self-development